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  2. We send your details to 3 different local solar power installers that match your requirements and install in your city or near by.
  3. You'll receive 3 no obligation quotes from reliable installers for you to compare.  Solar installers will let you know prices and attributes of their solar power systems.

    Feel free to use our online resources. These will help you examine the quotes and will ensure that you are well informed when you pick the winning company to install a solar energy system on your home.

Why Solar Power?

  • Earn a great return on investment.
  • Become more independent from the energy companies and their prices.
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions.

Download our Free Buyers Guide pdf here

Solar Power Buyers Guide PDF Download

The buyers guide provides advice for choosing the best solar installer, what you should look for in your 3 quotes, and what steps can you expect when purchasing a solar power system.

What is Grid Connect Solar Power?

It is a solar power system which doesn’t require batteries.  Your house hold appliances use the solar power when it is produced during the day when the sun is out. Your energy demand is supplemented by grid-supplied power during the night or when there is a lot of cloud cover during the day.  Find out more about how a solar power system works and the cost of system here> 

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"The website does some of the hard work for you. It has access to the companies having done its research to find the best ones to use." Jane, Wellington
"Learned a little about solar power (in addition to other sources) and received several quotes from suppliers that we otherwise would not have approached." Anthony, Auckland
"My Solar Quotes gives you a good selection to start from and saves time searching yourself." David, Canterbury
"The website helped explain how solar power worked for the home and there was no pressure to buy any product." Maureen, Auckland
"It is a good tool to learn about solar power with out having the pressure of dealing with a dealer/installer , to find out what size system you require and the cost etc." Karsten, Waikato
"By the time I found My Solar Quotes website I had done quite a lot of research so was pretty clear about the benefits but was at a total loss about who to approach and the few supplier/installer websites that gave any indication about cost seemed very expensive and more geared towards whole house/ or industrial systems. I was relieved to find your website and be able to describe the job we wanted done and and hopefully have suppliers who could help contact us." Brenda, Auckland

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