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The Easy Way To Get 3 Quotes From NZ Solar Power Installers

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  • Free to use
  • No obligation quotes
  • Reliable solar companies, all members of the Sustainable Energy Association NZ (SEANZ)

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Why Go Solar

Explorer the benefits of solar power in the video below.

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New Zealand - Why Install Solar Power?

Top 3 Reasons Why New Zealanders Choose To Install Solar Power Systems

Reduce your power bill - Solar panels can significantly reduce the cost of your power bill. Most solar power systems reduce the price of your power bill by 50%, and with the help of increased self-consumption and solar battery storage, it can be eliminated almost completely.

Good investment - The average return on investment for a solar power system is 10%, with a 10 year payback period. To find out what your expected return on investment for solar panels are, check out our solar calculator.

Energy independence - Reduce your reliance on grid electricity. Solar power can provide protection from power outages and can eliminate expensive power bills. Installing solar panels means generating and consuming your own electricity, independently.

Types of Solar Power Systems

Grid-Connected Solar Power System
Grid-Connected Solar Power System

This is the most common type of solar power system in New Zealand. A grid-connected solar panel system is comprised of solar panels, an inverter, and connection components. Power is generated from solar panels during the day, appliances can freely use this energy. If appliances are turned off, solar power is sent to the grid, and sold to your energy retailer. Common residential grid-connected system sizes installed in New Zealand range between 3kW and 5kW. View grid-connect solar power system prices here.  Learn more about grid connect systems.

Solar Power & Battery Storage
Solar Power & Battery Storage

Similar to a grid-connected system. Solar storage batteries are added to reduce the amount of power being exported to the grid and allow solar power to be used in night-time hours. Certain battery configurations will also provide the use of stored solar power in a power outage or blackout. Learn more about solar battery storage.

Off-grid Solar Power System
Off-grid Solar Power System

An off-grid system is no longer connected to the grid. An off-grid system is fully independent, relies on solar panels, and batteries. Some customers choose to have a generator as a backup. This particular system is popular with rural solar power customers, and for those who aim to be 100% self-sufficient. Learn more about off-grid solar power systems.

Commercial Solar Power Systems
Commercial Solar Power Systems

Any of the above system types can be fitted to commercial applications, whether it's for a block of shops, a factory, office building, or a solar panel farm. Learn more about commercial solar power systems.

Videos: How Solar Works

Discover the different types of solar power systems, including grid connect, battery storage systems and off-grid systems.

Grid connect systems are the most common type of solar power systems installed in New Zealand. Find out how the work in the video below.

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Different Types of Solar Power Systems NZ
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How a solar power system works in New Zealand

About My Solar Quotes Service

We are a New Zealand and operated solar power quote service provider and an unbiased source of information on solar power. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get three quotes from reliable solar photovoltaic installers. In doing so we hope that more New Zealand will be able to lower their power bills and become more energy independent.

The website helped explain how solar power worked for the home and there was no pressure to buy any product.- Maureen, Auckland

The website does some of the hard work for you. It has access to the companies having done it's research to find the best ones to use.- Jane, Wellington

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If drastically reducing your power bill and using less fossil fuel sounds appealing to you, then installing solar panels is worth the cost.

Find out how much you can save with solar panels on your home with My Solar Quotes's Solar Calculator.

Yes. We recommend cleaning the solar panels once a year. Clean solar panels allow the solar power system to generate as much electricity as possible.

Find out more about solar panel maintenance here.

There is no Government subsidy or incentives for solar power and there aren’t any planned at present.

Learn more about the NZ Governments' involvement in the solar industry here.

Some of the best solar panel brands that we rate highly and are available in New Zealand include: REC, Yingli, Canadian Solar, JinkoSolar, Trina Solar, Hyundai, QCells, Canadian Solar and LONGi.

View more details on these solar panel brands and our guide on how to choose the best solar panels for your home or business here.

Currently the best solar buy-back price is $0.17 /kWh from Octopus Energy.  Followed by Ecotricity at $0.1251 /kWh.

Find all electricity companies' solar buy-back prices here.

Typically, an average New Zealand home is fitted with a 5kW system, which has 11 to 12 solar panels.

Solar power system sizes for New Zealand homes can range between 3 kW (9 solar panels) and 8kW (20 solar panels). 

A grid-connected solar power system allows the freedom to install as many solar panels as you wish, because if more power is needed than the panels can produce the system will start drawing power from the grid, and if the panels produce more power than what is needed then the excess solar power will be exported to the grid.

Learn more in our ‘how many solar panels do I need’ guide.