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Commercial Grid Connect Solar Power Systems

Reducing power bills should be something we all strive for, New Zealand’s power prices are one of the highest in the developed world; the madness needs to stop.

So how can you reduce carbon emissions for your office, farm shed, or your place of business?  Solar power provides a viable option for many businesses, it’s sustainable and very easy to maintain.

A commercial solar power system in New Zealand is generally defined as a solar panel array larger than 10kW.  Examples of commercial operations that might consider installing solar power:

  • Convenience stores (dairy's, liquor stores, grocery stores)
  • Restaurants / cafes
  • Hotels
  • Vineyards
  • Shopping malls
  • Factories
  • Solar farms (solar panels in a large field that can power local communities)

Installing solar power for a business has obvious environmental benefits, but the financial benefits can be particularly attractive as solar power is produced during the day, between 9am and 5pm, the time when most businesses are using a lot of power.  

Using your own solar power as it is created will help off-set expensive electricity brought from the grid.

There are so many variables in a commercial environment that can affect your business, but having fixed electricity prices (via solar power) is one way to reduce uncertainty around electricity bills.  Solar power helps to protect your bottom line.

Our residential solar power pages has all the information we think you need to know that also applies to commercial solar power systems. From how a grid-connect solar power system works, solar battery storage, and how to choose the best solar panels.

Getting Quotes For A Commercial System

It is important to select the right solar power company, for two main reasons.  

Firstly, ensure you get the right system design -  If the system is oversized you will be sending a large portion of solar power to the grid, receiving a low buy back rates from an electricity company could significantly diminish your returns .  

The second reason is quality - Solar panels are expected to last over 25 years. Quality components alongside quality workmanship will provide a system that can thrive and continue to provide free power for many years.

To get 3 free quotes for a commercial solar power system, click here.

Rough Pricing For Commercial Sized Solar Power Systems

Solar Power System Size

Number Of Solar Panels


10 kW Twenty eight 355W panels  *$22,000 inc GST, fully installed.
20 kW Forty five 440W panels *$40,000 inc GST, fully installed.
30 kW Sixty eight 440W panels *$58,000 inc GST, fully installed.
100 kW Two hundred & twenty-eight 440W panels *$180,000 inc GST, fully installed.

*Please only use these prices as a guide.  The solar power system prices assume straightforward installation on a metal roof. Prices can vary based on a number of factors.


Commercial solar power system installers offer financing; either regular financing with low interest rates, a leasing option, or through a power purchase agreement.  

Commercial Solar Power Trends In New Zealand

There is a clear trend that commercial solar power is on the rise in New Zealand.  The graph below shows the number of solar power systems being installed each year is on the rise, from 92 installations in 2014 to 234 solar installations in 2020.  Total capacity of commercial solar power is increasing year on year, at the end of 2020 there was 17.33MW of commercial solar power installed in New Zealand.

Commercial Solar Growth in NZ

Examples of Commercial Solar Installations In New Zealand

Chia Sisters Bottling Plant - Nelson - 30 solar panels

Chia Sisters - 30 Solar Panels - Nelson 

Ecostore - Freeman's Bay, Auckland  - 48 solar panels

Ecostore - Freeman's Bay, Auckland  - 48 solar panels

Health@132 - Nelson - 50kW

Health@132 - Nelson - 50kW solar panel system

Cheviot Park Motel - Whangarei - 30kW

Cheviot Park Motel - Whangarei - 30kW solar power system

Mitsubishi BDT - Lower Hutt - 30.68kW

Mitsubishi BDT - Lower Hutt - 30.68kW solar power system 

Dairy Farm - Matakana Island - 40kW

Dairy Farm - Matakana Island - 40kW Solar Power System

Scarborough Fare Herbs - South Auckland - 37.56 kW

Scarborough Fare Herbs Solar Panel System NZ

Tarewa Shopping Centre – Whangarei - 240kW

Yealands -Blenheim - 411kW

Vector Bridge Lights - Auckland Harbour Bridge - 78kW

Wastewater Treatment Plant -Paraparaumu - 32kW

Auckland Museum - Auckland - 189 solar panels

Misco Joinery's Factory - Christchurch - 153kW

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