The Price of a Solar Power System

The price for grid connect solar power system is now 1/4 of what it was five years ago. Because of the drop in solar power prices, systems are more affordable for New Zealanders and it can be thought of as a really good investment.  

A standard 3kW system size seven years ago cost $40,000, now in 2014 it averages at around $10,000! (Completely installed)

Decreased price for a solar power system nz

The cost of a solar power system varies depending mainly on the system size you select and the type of roof you have. For a smaller residential system with six 250W panels (a 1.5 kW system) on a metal roof, the starting price is around $5,5000 inc GST, fully installed. For a system size that produces as much power as the average New Zealand household uses, you would be looking around $17,000 for a 5-6kW system, including GST, fully installed.

You are free to install as many panels on your roof as you like, limited only by your roof size, your budget and the local lines company restrictions (normally 10kW for residential).

Metal or tin roofs are normally easier to install a system on and use less components, therefore has a lower cost.  Tile, bitumen, shingle roofs normally cost more to install solar panels on.  If you have a flat roof there will be a cost in tilting the panels up to a higher angle.

When filling out our free quote-request form, you can let the installers know what your goal is when installing the system—if you want to eliminate your power bill, if you have a budget in mind or if you would like to maximise your roof space. That way, installers will know what system size to quote you for and will be able to give you a good idea of the corresponding price.

Other Factors That May Affect The Total Price

  • Lines company charges - Yes some local lines companies will charge around $200 for admin fees to accept your solar power system exporting excess power sent to the grid. Find out exact prices here>
  • Council consent - Some councils around New Zealand will charge you for consent.

Watts The Price of a Solar Power System?

If you like talking and thinking in watts, the average solar power price per watt is now around $3.00/Wp.

What is the Price of Solar Panels in NZ?

If you are curious about the individual price of a solar panel, one of the many components that makes up a complete system - the price of one standard 200W solar panel is approximately $300.

Are There Subsidies For Solar in NZ?

There are no subsidies or incentives in New Zealand for homeowners to install solar power systems.  The Government did provide subsidies for solar hot water systems for a few years, but that never applied to solar power.

For a quick and easy way to start your solar power price comparison, click here to get 3 free solar power quotes.