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My Solar Quotes Testimonials

We asked those who have requested 3 quotes through My Solar Quotes what they thought of this website.


Thomas, Canterbury

"Easy to use website"

Rees, Canterbury

"Excellent, easy to use"

Les, Bay Of Plenty

"It allowed comparisons!"

Bryan, Canterbury

"Made it very easy to find 3 quotes and all of the companies were very help full"

Rosie, Manawatu-Whanganui

"Gave you an idea without feeling like you wasting an installers time"

Roger, Auckland

"Got three good quotes"

Neil, Auckland

"In my case it was a great source, as I didn't know anything about the solar companies offering a system to suit us. The companies you have came to me"

John, Canterbury

"Had 3 firms contact me quite fast after contacting Solar Quotes"

Marian, Auckland

"It was great to have one site for multiple quotes"

Louise, Auckland

"Had a good range of different companies"

Laurie, Bay Of Plenty

"Website provided all I wanted"

Philippa, Bay Of Plenty


Barrie, Waikato

"A good way of obtaining several quotes."

Andrew, Auckland

"Not knowing any installers it was helpful and convenient being contacted by reputable companies"

Dave, Otago

"Best information came from discussions with installers but website useful"

Michele, Auckland

"It was much easier than going to individual solar providers.  And the information was very easy to follow"

Phillip, Hawkes Bay

"Good source of info as several suppliers contacted me"

Bruce, Northland

"It gave me 3 choices ,which was enough"

Trevor, Auckland

"I was able to consult with a three different companies who offered a variety of options and prices"

Wally, Waikato

"Simple to use and companies responded within a reasonable time frame"

Robert, Northland

"You got in touch with local installers and I didn't need to do that legwork.Two of them got in touch with me and either provided quotes or offered to provide them"

David, Northland

"Good source of info and gave me as ensue of security that the installers had been pre-screened and were legitimate companies "

Deidre, Manawatu - Whanganui

"Website was fine, Kirsty was excellent"

Norman, Canterbury

"Pretty good general information, including comparison of types (with and without battery storage etc"

Peter, Wellington

"Get exposure to different possibilities / providers"

Steve, Manawatu/Whanganui

"I accessed quite a few sites. My Solar was more objective / realistic about the benefits"

Neville, Bay Of Plenty

"It was an easy way to find a good solar company"

Joseph, Auckland

"Great source of information"

Kumar, Wellington

"It is one stop shop for obtaining quotes from reliable suppliers"

Ciara, Nelson/Tasman

"Very helpful starting point. connected directly to the service provider"

John, Waikato

"Great way to gather lots of information from various credible sources to help us with our decision making"

Wayne, Marlborough

"Without your website I would have had no idea who was available to obtain a quote"

Steve, Auckland

"Great, got a motivated installer very quickly, job done"

Mark, Marlborough

"Very good, unbiased information"

Greg, Marlborough

"Very helpful. Info came quickly from suppliers"

Logie, Marlborough

"Nice to have options to choose from"

Aisling, Hawkes Bay

"It was great to enter our details once and have the providers contact us directly."

Diane, Northland

"I found this site an easy site and the quotes came in well. We chose one of them and are now moving towards getting solar power. Thanks so much for your help"

Monica, Northland

"Very useful, saved a lot of time looking for someone"

Nick, Marlborough

"Very handy and saved going round trying to fine suppliers and help. 3 gave us plenty to go on and compare. with a few different ideas and prices!! Found the people very helpful and willing to talk and answer questions"

Caroline, Northland

"it has given me an insight to an unknown world"

Wayne, Canterbury

"Quick way to get three quite different options, and then to research the components offered in each"

Gerry, Canterbury

"A good place to start gathering unbiased information until you are ready to ask for a quote"

Marie, Wellington

"It was very useful to have such easy access to three quotes"

Leanne, Northland

"It gave me some good information on solar power so that when I spoke with the installers I at least could ask some good questions and knew a little more about what they were talking about"

Frans, Waikato

"It is a great source of info and the option to get 3 quotes organised through you is fantastic"

Vasilios, Canterbury

"Your website is an excellent source of information and helps me to understand how solar works"

Michael, Manawatu-Whanganui

"It was really great to hear from and receive quotes from 3 Solar Installers"

John, Waikato

"Very good source of information. Beneficial to have sales people call me and a good selection of installers"

John, Auckland

"Obtaining three quotes by being contacted directly by interested suppliers worked well."

Julie, Canterbury

"It provided us with suppliers that were very informative and helpful"

Haidee, Auckland

"Very prompt response"

Johanna, Auckland

"I appreciated getting 3 quotes to compare when I only had to make one request"

Kevin, Waikato

"I found it extremely helpful to be able to use the My Solar website to get independent information on the various components of a solar power system. It was useful to be able to compare the claims made by 1 potential installer in particular (Zen Energy) with some independent information"

Eleanor, Canterbury

"gave me access to a few more companies with whom I could compare products and prices which was very useful in deciding from whom to purchase our solar system"

Lian, Bay Of Plenty

"The website is very informative and easy to navigate.  It answers most questions that a potential buyer could be asking"

Haylee, Wellington

"Gave me the chance to see whos available in my area instead of me looking"

Richard, Wellington

"I found it most useful as I filled out one page and 3 companies received it. Saved me hassle, time, especially since I new very little about the solar business"

Peter, Bay Of Plenty

"Both parties that were refered to us made good offers."

Tony, Bay Of Plenty


Brian, Canterbury

"I liked that the quotes are from reputable installers, and that an independent was recommending them"

Rajiv, Auckland

"I got responses within 3 days without having to spend time hunting for solar vendors"

Hohepa, Canterbury

"Had more information and benefit from the installers"

Dave, Auckland

"Great for sourcing quotes"

Malcom, Otago

"Suggested installers that we had not been aware of"

Peter, Auckland

"Provides unbiased information"

Karyn, Wellington

"The website was a good place to start. I couldn't really go straight to the installers because I didn't know who they were.  I just started googling and this site came up. It helped me get started and that was awesome"

Allan, Nelson/Tasman

"Received very useful information as a result"

T & J, Northland

"It saved a heap of time by not having to go to individual suppliers"

Bruce, Canterbury

"Takes the hassle out of the process of getting advice and quotes"

Mark, Canterbury

"Very easy to use and quick response time"

Slyvia, Canterbury

"It gave me the opportunity to learn more about different systems "

Chris, Hawkes Bay

"The website saved me the time and energy of tracking down solar energy installer / suppliers to solicit quotes"

Wima, Canterbury

"I said what I wanted and asked for 3 suitable quotes that would suit my needs. I got exactly what I wanted without having to sift thru a sea of installers. Thanks"


"The website is good but to actually talk was very beneficial"

Kathyrn, Waikato

"Great place to start looking, two companies returned my inquiry within 24 hours - very good turn around"

Alan, Wellington

"Excellent way to get quotes from installers"

Mary, Auckalnd

"Kept the process simple and avoided having to 'shop around' for suitable companies"

Allan, Canterbury

"Useful source"

Clayton, Auckland

"Best site I found with information comparing different products"

Peter, Marlborough

"Helpful and easy"

Tony, Canterbury

"Saved some time looking. thanks."
14/08/17 Tony, Southland "It gives good independent information before deciding to get quotes."
03/08/17 Diane, Canterbury "Did not know of many installers, so was good"
28/07/17 Alison, Auckland "Allowed me to research information in my own time. I would not have known where to start in looking for an installer without the information on the website"
06/07/17 Alan, Canterbury "As a total ignoramus about solar power at the beginning of the process, it was great to have a site where I could put some details in and have people who know what they're talking about go to the installers and ask for quotes on our behalf. It also removed the awkwardness of finding and calling installers in our area."
10/05/17 Chrissy, Otago "I live in a small country town so found it much easier to browse a website than going to where there would be an office."
11/03/17 Grant, Auckland It gives a few good beginning ideas to anyone wishing to go solar."
07/03/17 Emma, Bay of Plenty "It was an excellent way to assess what we needed and explained all the information so clearly. Excellent website!!
28/07/17 Carlos, Hawkes Bay "Professional and I received contact via several organizations within a brief period of time. Thank you."
16/12/16 Andre, Wellington "A good source of information and I eventually got to realise that solar would not be beneficial to our household at this stage."
28/07/16 Charlie, Marlborough "We have found the website very help full this has altered our division on our thoughts of our original solar system and provided us with a better understanding and a better solar system to be installed."
16/10/16 Johannes, Auckland "Excellent source of info. Easy to obtain quotes from reputable companies."
07/10/16 Daniel, Hawkes Bay "This was my first investigation into solar and I found the info easy to understand and helpful."
17/06/15 Frank, Canterbury "Gave you a good selection of suppliers."
24/05/15 Steve & Brenda, Bay of Plenty "website very informative, and supportive in creating information to give to installers without having to contact myself and was able to give information on the weekend and leave it in the hands of My Solar Quotes."
12/05/15 Kirsty, Waikato "Clear straightforward and bright. Definitely a better option than going stratight to installers when I am just investigating and have little prior understanding or informed"
11/05/15 Simon, Manawatu "All information in one place, explained in terms I could understand"
17/04/15 Alan, Bay of Plenty "We did get the three quotes. Two of which were completely useless. One only marketed the String Inverters. (which we didn't want), a second said our usage was too small and it wasn't worth pursuing, But the third was most helpful and appreciated our wish for solar power was not just for financial reasons but too reduce our carbon footprint. That was 'Sustainability Options' and we are accepting their quote."
02/04/15 Taniya, Wellington "Good way of comparing apples with apples. Information collection for a quote makes you think. No hard sell."
20/03/15 Pauline, Taranaki "Found it explained how the solar power works and put us in touch with someone who is very informative and genuinely interested in helping us install a system."
17/03/15 Meretini, Otago "I found that by using your website I recieved a very prompt response that supplied all the information I needed to know in a very efficient and timely manner."
15/03/15 John, Nelson "The site made it easy to find who were the installers in my city and gave me the choice on how many quotes I would pursue."
07/02/15 Jean, Auckland "The site enabled us to explore exactly how it works without committing to an installer."
15/01/15 Martin, Auckland "Loved reading the articles. Learnt a lot in short space of time."
12/12/14 Loretta, Hawkes Bay "As I was uncertain of suppliers in the Hawkes Bay, or website linked them to me and I have had 2 suppliers get in touch with me."
11/12/14 Bill, Marlborough "A very good independent source of information. I felt I could trust the information was accurate due to that independence."
28/11/14 Michelle, Waikato "One process to get 3 quotes and efficient in terms of info supply and contact from providers all whom were professional and prompt in getting back to me. We are still in the process of getting info and making decision on who to supply us."
16/11/14 Shirley, Canterbury "Very good basic start to solar electricity info. We knew nothing so this was really helpful. It was good getting the quotes via My Solar Quotes because it meant there was a bit more 'distance' between us and the installers. We weren't really committed to buying a system until after we had heard everyone's pitch and so declining quotes was not so difficult as we had not approached them directly. I like this way of doing things."
09/10/14 Irvin, Canterbury "It was a good way to find out who has the most experience in solar, costs, and variety of products."
07/10/14 Vince, Wellington "Good to get local installers matched up with a quote. A good site with clear information."
19/09/14 Gary, Waikato "It provided a good source of information to base a decision on whether to proceed with a purchase. Plus it put us in touch with providers direct."
08/08/14 Victor, Auckland "Very convenient. I received the quotes within 1-2 weeks. Some of the suppliers were more responsive than others."
05/08/14 Hunter, Wellington "All the installers I was put in touch with were helpful. The website gave reassurance that an installer wasn't unnecessarily over-charging."
21/07/14 Chris, Wellingon "Exposed me to 3 companies that taught me some basics on Solar energy, and left me meaningful information to study."
06/06/14 Tim, Canterbury "It saved my time in having to locate and communicate my requirements with providers."
03/06/14 Dorothy, Canterbury "Your website was very helpful as I was not aware which companies in Christchurch did solar panels. I got three informative quotes which I have read thoroughly and I will be choosing one of them to carry out the installation."
12/05/14 Judith, Canterbury "Quite helpful as everything explained. Good site to go to after checking other sites and then have the choice of installers. I did only get 2 quotes not 3. I did get a phone call first from each of these and then was emailed a quote. I did say I was going to be building a house and just not sure if I was definitely going to put solar on or not. It would be subject to costs etc. I have still to make a decision."
03/05/14 David, Bay of Plenty "Gave a broader perspective of what is available & what to look for."
28/04/14 Allen, Waikato "Saved time looking for local solar companies."
28/04/14 Gaylene, Manawatu "The website grouped the sellers for me so I didn't have to do a lot of searching through Google."
28/04/14 Carol, Bay of Plenty "Very quick and informative responses from companies."
28/04/14 Doug, Hawkes Bay "It covered all the bases and allowed me to seek the information I needed."
28/04/14 Graeme, Nelson/Tasman "Im really appreciated the follow-up from the three suppliers. The information on your website helped me decide on the one we are going with."
28/04/14 Alan, Taranaki "Very good, I selected my provider from your list."
28/04/14 Jane, Wellington "The website does some of the hard work for you. It has access to the companies having done its research to find the best ones to use."
28/04/14 David, Waikato "It was valuable because I would otherwise have had to contact suppliers individually. The site also had good background information."
28/04/14 Catherine, Northland "I feel that your website, expanded the range of installers that I most likely would have approached."
05/02/14 Mike, Waikato "Very Useful to have all in the info in one place, as opposed to having to talk to the installers directly."
05/02/14 Jean, Waikato "Enabled me to contact a number of suppliers at the same time as well as giving some basic information."
05/02/14 Anthony, Auckland "Learned a little about solar power (in addition to other sources) and received several quotes from suppliers that we otherwise would not have approached."
05/02/14 David, Canterbury "Gave me a good insight as to what was involved without the hard sell."
05/02/14 Allan & Anna, Canterbury "Its a great website. Giving information and then getting Solar Power installers to give you a quote, saves searching and tracking down installers yourself."
05/02/14 Su, Northland "Very helpful as pricing was what we wanted to know. We will be investing in a system shortly."
05/02/14 Graham, Bay of Plenty My Solar Quotes is "Very helpful for the products we were wanting to know about."
05/02/14 Dave, Waikato "Having a short list of possibilities to get quotes from is a good idea."
05/02/14 Graeme, Bay of Plenty "My Solar Quotes is independent so I felt more comfortable proceeding."
05/02/14 Carol, Canterbury "Useful to find out a bit of information before you are bombarded with info from the installers themselves."
05/02/14 Penny, Canterbury "Very up to date & informative, offered a variety of options depending on budget & requirements."
05/02/14 Terry, Auckland "The web site was good and had contact from 2 suppliers by email in which they were very informative."
05/02/14 Matthew, Auckland "The site is easy to navigate and provides good information. It makes it easy to get multiple quotes."
03/02/14 Ron, Canterbury "My Solar Quotes is a great spring board, allows good access to information and to compare for those seriously wanting to research viability of solar power. I am still working through the process and have not committed to any system as yet, but slowly working through options and learning."
03/02/14 Charles, Hawkes Bay "I came across My Solar Quotes by mistake but I am happy that three tentative quotes came to me that I didn't have to look for on the net."
03/02/14 David, Canterbury "My Solar Quotes gives you a good selection to start from and saves time searching yourself."
03/02/14 Jan, Northland "I found the website very informative and supplied enough concise information to give me the basic facts about solar energy. It also provided me the opportunity to contact 3 independent suppliers who had obviously been vetted and recommended by your organisation. All supplied prompt replies and quotations."
03/02/14 Lew, Manawatu-Wanganui "It was fantastic! I loved getting 3 quotes and talking to the people from several different companies."
03/02/14 Bob, Canterbury "The website gave me access to installers who I did not know existed."
03/02/14 Brett, Otago "It is hard to find what installers work in what areas as they tend to cover a large area. I found that the site was great to help me with that."
03/02/14 Jemal, Wellington "The website was good at getting my details out to multiple providers without multiple calls or emails."
03/02/14 Rodney, Otago "Very good response from solar providers, all keen to provide quotes / assistance etc."
12/06/13 Brenda, Auckland "By the time I found My Solar Quotes website I had done quite a lot of research so was pretty clear about the benefits but was at a total loss about who to approach and the few supplier/installer websites that gave any indication about cost seemed very expensive and more geared towards whole house/ or industrial systems. I was relieved to find your website and be able to describe the job we wanted done and and hopefully have suppliers who could help contact us."
6/06/13 Howard, Auckland My Solar Quotes "gave a good background before getting the sales pitches and allowed for informed discussion."
6/06/13 Karsten, Waikato "It is a good tool to learn about solar power with out having the pressure of dealing with a dealer/installer , to find out what size system you require and the cost etc."
6/06/13 Maureen, Auckland "The website helped explain how solar power worked for the home and there was no pressure to buy any product."