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Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Standalone solar power (an off grid solar power system) offers a great solution for those unable to connect to a local electricity network. They are also an option for people facing high grid connection costs, or for those who are looking to be completely power independent.

An off grid solar power system costs two to three times the price of a grid connected solar power system. While being off the grid may sound enticing, it might not be the most practical solution if you can connect to the grid. Read more about grid-connected solar power systems here.

Off grid system pricing starts at around $15,000 (which would power a small summer time batch). Those who are currently not connected to an electricity network would benefit from an off grid solar power system, as connecting to the grid would cost over $15,000.

For the average New Zealand household to be powered by Solar Power and off the grid, the starting price for a system would be around $38,000.

The reason why off-grid systems are more expensive is because of the system that controls the batteries, along with the batteries themselves.  Although battery technology is constantly improving and getting a lot cheaper.  Read more here>

Matakana Off Grid Home

The West Birdhouse - Completely off-the-grid eco home. Image credit: Ecobob

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Chatham Islands NZ

If you are looking to install an off-grid solar power system in the Chatham Islands, when requesting a quote please select Canterbury as your region, from there you can select Chatham Islands as your district.