What are the benefits of off-grid solar power?

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What are the benefits of off-grid solar power?

Owning an off-grid solar power system in New Zealand has many benefits:

  • If you live in a rural location, you instantly save the expense of connecting to the grid (which are normally tens of thousands of dollars).
  • Electricity bills will no longer exist, allowing you energy independence
  • No longer worry about escalating power prices.
  • Black outs or brown outs are no longer an issue.
  • No terms, conditions or contracts.
  • Increase the value of your home. There is a huge and ever growing market for 'Eco Homes'.
  • The solar power generated can now be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

A selected number of New Zealanders choose to go off grid, despite being connected to the main power grid.  The price for an off-grid system is significantly more than a grid connect system, so if the motivation is there, go for it!

Rural Off-Grid Solar Power System New Zealand