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Sonnen Solar Battery Storage - Eco 8.2

By Kristy Hoare on in Battery Storage For Solar

Sonnen Solar Battery Storage - Eco 8.2

The latest in residential solar power storage is from Sonnen, who have brought a 2kW expandable wall mounted unit to New Zealand shores.  For the style conscious they have them available in black silver and white colour options.

It said to be easy to install / plug and play, and is optimised for self-consumption - what every NZ solar power owner needs!  The smart battery management systems uses weather forecasting to help determine how much solar power will be produced during the day. It will learn the energy habits of the user to help make better storage decisions.  To top it off the system has tariff optimisation, which will allow the system to make smart decisions about drawing energy from the grid and exporting power at the optimal times.

sonnen Battery Storage Eco Black

The Sonnen battery is designed for battery back-up, so you can still have some power during black outs.

Sony makes the lithium-ion batteries.

The batteries allow for 100% depth of discharge and are warrantied for 10,000 cycles.

The unit from Sonnen has a 10-year warranty but it is designed for a 20 year life.

Here is a video that shows more of the smart functionality the Sonnen Battery has:

Compare the Sonnen Eco 8.2 to other battery storage systems on the market here.

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