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UK Solar Station Boasts 10 Minute Charge Time

By Kristy Hoare on in Electric Vehicles

UK Solar Station Boasts 10 Minute Charge Time

Gridserve EV Charging Station Concept

2020 is fast approaching and the world around us is changing, and with change comes innovation. The driving population are using more electric vehicles than ever before but one sticking point remains; charge times. Both in private and public spaces, the want for faster charging stations is palpable.

So much so, that at present public charging stations are commanding long wait times and cues, thus halting the potential growth for the UK’s electric vehicle industry. Seeing this problem (and no doubt the gap in the market), British based firm Gridserve are planning to build solar power forecourts that boast 10-minute full charge time capabilities with “airport-style” lounges with cafes, fresh food and high-speed internet to get stuck into while waiting for that 10-minute electrical re-charge.

The forecourt stations are powered by solar farms, and use the latest battery storage technologies for a truly formidable charging experience. And pricing? The cost for a full charge (at lightning speeds) is relative to what you’d pay at home for a full night’s charge.

More than 100 forecourts are planned and each forecourt comes equipped with 24 charging spaces. Potential sites in York and Hull are due to start construction this year, and location is key; they aim to have the charging stations nestled in between some of the busiest highways in the UK.

The Gridserve app will allow drivers to ensure their place in cues for swift refuelling before even reaching the forecourt. The stations will also charge larger fleets of vehicles, such as busses, taxis and trucks. Gridserve are committed to assisting the UK in reaching clean air targets for the benefit of the environment, and reducing the effects of climate change.

As the public transition from gas to electric vehicles we need to ensure we’re well equipped to make the change. Gridserve, and others, have the eyes of the world upon them, watching to see how the future looks.  Kiwis could benefit from a little forward thinking with a looming electric future, so we’re watching too.

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