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Eco Shine: Revolutionising Solar Panel Maintenance in New Zealand

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power New Zealand

Eco Shine: Revolutionising Solar Panel Maintenance in New Zealand

Eco Shine Solar is an emerging player in the New Zealand solar industry like no other. While most solar companies in New Zealand specialise in installing solar on roofs, Eco Shine are providing a service that looks after all aspects of owning a solar power system ensuring longevity and optimal performance of solar panels post-installation.

While it would be easy to label them merely as solar panel cleaners, Eco Shine offers much more. They provide comprehensive care and maintenance for solar panel systems, ensuring cleanliness, inspections, detecting and addressing electrical faults, ensuring that the system is performing at its best. They make sure the customer understands everything they need to know about how their solar power system functions, if the customer is unsure on something they are willing and able to give tutorials on-site. 

Edwin from Eco Shine

Until now, a few cleaning companies in New Zealand offered solar panel cleaning, and maintenance was often left to the original installers, who may not always offer maintenance packages. Eco Shine has carved out a niche at a perfect time, as the industry begins to mature.

I sat down for coffee with Sam and Edwin, two of the three brothers who own and run the business. I was blown away by their knowledge about solar power and passion for the solar industry.

Ben, the third brother and another key founder of the business, runs the Australian branch in Perth.

Before and after a clean by Eco Shine

The guys described the shocking states of some solar arrays they encounter: panels covered in lichen, dust, bird dropping and birds nest, leaves and debris build up underneath the panels. These conditions can cause permanent damage or even fire hazards. According to Edwin, lichen build-up is particularly dangerous as it can destroy the panel’s structure, exposing it to the elements.

Birds nests under solar panels in Tauranga

Other issues they frequently see include delamination, snail trails, hot spots, and micro-cracks, often caused by poor manufacturing, mishandling, or improper cleaning with chemicals. These are all compelling reasons to have Eco Shine inspect your solar panels.

Sam and Edwin recall the frustrating experience of arriving at a customer's home for a solar panel cleaning and maintenance check, only to discover that the solar inverter had been turned off and likely non-operational for at least a year.  Although the customer was understandably horrified, the team at Eco Shine ensured that the system is fully functional after their visit.

Ben installing bird-proofing kit on a solar array

With regular annual or bi-annual maintenance and cleaning by professionals, I am confident that any solar investment will remain efficient and effective. This ensures that homes and businesses can benefit from free energy from solar panels for decades. From Sam's and Edwin’s view, without proper maintenance, many solar panels in New Zealand may not reach their expected 30+ year lifespan on rooftops.

Not to mention the health and safety issues these guys can prevent. In their time, they have had calls from solar power system owners who have attempted to get on the roof themselves and clean the panels only to end up in the hospital, swearing they would never attempt to clean the panels themselves again.

From what I can the team at Eco Shine are excellent and their service is definitely worth considering for anyone who has a solar power system.  Below is a full list of the services they offer.

The Solarcleano f1 robot in action

Eco Shine's services include:

  • Pure water solar panel cleaning, avoiding harmful chemicals
  • Full solar power system inspections and maintenance reports
  • Before and after photos for transparency
  • Bird-proofing solutions
  • Anti-soiling and solar water drain clips
  • Utility-scale/ solar farm cleaning and maintenance
  • Specialised robotic solar panel cleaning

For a satisfying watch, check out the guys deploying NZ’s first robotic solar panel cleaner on a commercial roof in Whangarei.

I am super impressed with Ecoshine's commitment to eco-friendly and expert maintenance and look forward to seeing this company take off. For more information about Ecoshine and the team, visit their website.

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