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How To Choose The Best Solar Power Installation Company

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power New Zealand

How To Choose The Best Solar Power Installation Company

Selecting a good solar panel installation company should be of the upmost importance. A knowledgeable and qualified solar installer will ensure that the solar power system installed on your roof is the right fit for you and will be installed to last.

A solar power system is a decent sized investment. Using My Solar Quotes free 3 quotes request service will help you find the very best deal possible. 

What you should check for when you receive your three quotes?


Researching what company will offer you the best price is well worth your time.

Solar panels pricing varies based on size, efficiency and quality. Well known brand names cost more, but the well known brands are not necessarily the best. Find more info on choosing solar panels here.

A quality inverter is worth the extra price tag, so it is important to select a good one. Many of the best inverters come from specialised companies. Find more info on choosing a solar inverter here.

Look at what is included in the quote

Items that should be included in the quote:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Mounting
  • Electrical connection components
  • Installation
  • Grid connection administration

Always check that the quote includes GST.

It's a good idea to check costs outside of the installer's fees that may change the total price, Such as the following:

  • Council consent: (in New Zealand some councils require building consent)
  • Lines connection fees (some lines companies have administration fees),
  • Meter install fee (approximately $100).

Find out what the warranties are

At a minimum, solar panels should have a twenty-year performance warranty and a ten-year manufacturing warranty. Your installer will know what tier the solar panels are in, make sure they pass this information on to you.

Industry standards should require inverters to have a five-year warranty. Consider paying for an extended warranty as this component has the shortest life expectancy out of all the components.

Installer workmanship should have a warranty of at least five years.

Solar panel mounting requires a warranty of ten years. The mounting should be able to withstand New Zealand's varied weather patterns. Anodised aluminium or stainless steel mounting components are the industry standard.

Good service

It is important to select a solar installation company that will look after your investment. Selecting an installer that is highly responsive is also important; should any problems occur with the system they should be able to act quickly and efficiently.

Choose solar installers that can answer technical questions, are knowledgeable and honest.

To find top quality solar installers that are in your area fill out our no obligation form here for 3 free solar quotes.

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