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Electric Kiwi Introduces A Good Solar Buy-Back Price

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power News In New Zealand

Electric Kiwi Introduces A Good Solar Buy-Back Price

Electric Kiwi has revealed a new price plan, The MoveMaster, an option that enables customers to save on power bills by moving their power consumption to off-peak power times, and by making use of solar power.

The company states that the MoveMaster plan will empower people to make a positive environmental impact while saving money.

Using off-peak power is cheaper and more likely to be from a renewable energy resource, such as hydro or wind.  Coal and gas power stations are often used during peak power times to make up for the demand.

The MoveMaster plan makes peak power use a bit more expensive, to enable off-peak shoulder and off-peak night rates to be significantly cheaper. It will make power bills more affordable for those willing to make some changes to what time they consume power.

On this plan, the solar buy-back price is 12.5c/Kwh which is currently one of the best solar buy-back rates available.

Electric Kiwi has also added an 8c/kWh solar buy-back rate to all their regular plans with their regular prices.

Electric Kiwi’s Peak/Off-Peak Times

  • Peak is between 7am-9am, and 5pm-9pm daily
  • Off-peak shoulder is between 9am-5pm, and 9pm-11pm daily
  • Off-peak night time slot is between 11pm-7am daily 

The plan will benefit EV (electric vehicle) owners in particular as power prices during the off-peak night time slot come in at half-price power.

This plan isn't just for solar and EV users, it's for all to enjoy.

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