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Reviews From Solar Power System Owners

We have asked people that brought a solar power system after getting 3 quotes through My Solar Quotes how their solar power systems are going! We asked:
What size system did you install?
How long has your solar power system been running for?
How did you find the solar installation?
How have you found the performance of the solar power system?
Do you have any other comments that you would like to share with New Zealanders thinking about going solar?

Simon, Auckland City, Auckland


Review Date: 04/06/2021

Size: 10 kW

Running for: 1 month

Expected return on investment: 11%

Expected pay back period: 8

Comments on the installation: "The team from Lightforce really knew what they were doing. Super impressed with their responsiveness to questions around mounting onto my flat roof. I had them work with the builders and roofers to ensure water tightness plus mounting point strength requirements for wind load. They installed on schedule and did a great looking job. Very tidy cable runs plus equipment mounting in the garage makes it look great. had them add a 32 amp T2 EV charger for my car and this is nicely integrated. As an electrical engineer myself they were able to answer complex questions and everyone I dealt with was very professional."

Comments on the system performance: "Given the panels are much flatter than the ideal angle and it is near mid winter I was hoping for 5 kW on a sunny day but have regularly seen up to 7 kW. In summer the flat angle will be close to ideal so I am confident in getting close to the maximum 10 kW. Too early to see impact on bills but I have had my first rebate, albeit for 3 days only of operation. I expect good results over the year."

Advice: "Learned that Vector limits export to 5kW whcih seems really against climate change and greenhouse gas reduction. My system has to be clipped to 5 kW so unless my house is taking the rest it limits power output. Needs public condemnation of the lines companies being so reluctant to be 'green'"