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Reviews From Solar Power System Owners

We have asked people that brought a solar power system after getting 3 quotes through My Solar Quotes how their solar power systems are going! We asked:
What size system did you install?
How long has your solar power system been running for?
How did you find the solar installation?
How have you found the performance of the solar power system?
Do you have any other comments that you would like to share with New Zealanders thinking about going solar?

Lorraine, Manukau City, Auckland

Lorraine, Manukau City

Review Date: 15/09/2014

Size: 3.75kW

Running for: 5 days

Comments on the installation: "We used S4Solar to do our installation and had excellent service from them. They took three days to complete the installation and I would recommend them without hesitation."

Comments on the system performance: "Too soon to have a good idea but we're pleased with how it's performing."

Advice: "If you can afford the upfront cost then it's well worth doing both in terms of the long term savings and the environmental benefits."