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My Solar Quotes Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey.  The information you share will be very useful to help grow the New Zealand solar power industry.

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What is your first and last name? *

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1. Have you purchased a solar power system? Or are you in the process of purchasing one? *

2. What type of system did you install? *

3. What was your biggest motivating factor to go solar?*

4. Which solar installer did you choose? *

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5. Out of 5 stars, what rating do you give them for the overall service and product they provided?

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6. What was the most important attribute when choosing a solar installer?*

7. What system array size did/will you install?

8. What was the total cost of your solar power system?


8b. What was the separate cost for the battery?


8c. What was the separate cost for the solar panel and inverter setup?


8d. Which battery did you choose?





8e. What motivated you to install a solar battery?

8b. Would you install a battery system in the future?

9. How did you finance the purchase of your solar power system? *

8. Did the installer do a site visit before installing the system? *

2. What first motivated you to go solar?*

3. Why did you decide not to buy a solar power system at this time? *

4. Would you consider purchasing a solar power system in the future and if so, when? *

5. Would better financing options help you to install solar? *

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6. Did the installers supply enough information when providing you with a quote? *

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7. Is there anything else that puts you off buying a solar power system?