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Get ready for solar when building a new home

By Kristy Hoare on in How Solar Power Works

Get ready for solar when building a new home

Thinking about getting a solar power system for your new home but not quite ready to commit? Pre wiring a home for solar power is a good idea.

When you are building a new home it is very easy at this stage to get your home ready to go solar.  You can ask your electrician or a solar power installer to pre-wire your home with solar power cables, without have to install the expensive components.  Electricians will have to source cables that are specific for solar power systems and might have to talk to a solar power company for more details.

The cables will run from the best place to install solar panels on your roof to the best place for the solar inverter to be positioned, usually a garage.  Then the inverter will be wired to a switchboard.

The cost of this is usually around $200, but can be well worth it as when you are ready to install the solar power system it will reduce the installation time and insures that the wires are nicely fitted inside internal walls and no need for conduit!

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Posted by Mike on 26th Sep 2015 21:25:24

Stupid idea, regulations change, if a house was pre-wired for solar PV in 2012, and install goes ahead in 2015, all that wiring would have had to be pulled out and re-run in HD Conduit.

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