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Solar Power Maintenance & Monitoring

By Kristy Hoare on in How Solar Power Works

Solar Power Maintenance & Monitoring

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Keeping up maintenance on solar power systems is conveniently easy as they have no moving parts.  If solar panels are titled on an angle, as most are, then they will self clean in the rain, removing the majority of dirt and debris. 

Solar installers have alternate recommended maintenance schedules, but the following are the maintenance requirements My Solar Quotes suggest.

Cleaning Solar Panels

The panels should be inspected for dirt or debris during the year to make sure there is nothing blocking the panels, such as moss and bird droppings.  Anything blocking the solar panels will cause a decrease in energy output.  The panels should be cleaned when there is visible blocking of the panels.  It is worth cleaning the panels once a year regardless of visible dirt.  Soapy water should be used with a soft brush when cleaning the panels.  The solar power system should be turned off whilst cleaning.

Cleaning companies may be able to help you in your quest to clean your solar panels.  Ones we know of are CrestClean and WashRite.

Electrical Maintenance

As with any electrical devices in your home, an electrical inspection from time to time is a wise safety precaution.  Be sure to ask your solar installer if they advise electrical inspections after a certain period of time.


All good solar power systems should come with monitoring.  Performance data can either be seen via a display on an inverter, or on a computer display.  You should check in every month or two to make sure the solar power system is delivering as expected.

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Posted by Dobiwallah, Napier on 31st Aug 2016 22:43:58

I bought a truckies broom with a water connection at M10. In 30 minutes I have cleaned the 22 panels.

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