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Nissan Energy Solar: A New Branch For The Car Manufacturer

By Kristy Hoare on in International Solar

Nissan Energy Solar: A New Branch For The Car Manufacturer

Car manufacturer Nissan recently launched Nissan Energy Solar; solar technology that bridges the gap between energy production and storage for solar powered, UK families. The all in one energy solution will significantly reduce carbon emissions for consumers game enough to take on the exciting new technology.

The price of the system comes in at a cool NZ$8000, not that you'll be seeing the technology here anytime soon, but we think the price tag is pretty reasonable considering all the benefits the system affords you and your family. Nissan claims that the average power cost savings per month for those utilising the technology is around 66%, which is quite an achievement.

Living in a home with Nissan Energy Solar allows the homeowner, or residents, to have complete control over their energy consumption and storage, all in real time. Having the ability to run your energy as a mini-grid means you can truly utilize every ounce of energy generated, making use of peak generation hours, and controlling storage of energy produced.

Another game-changing aspect of Nissan's Energy Solar is in its ability to use stored power in the evenings, charge a car (Nissan Leaf, anybody?), or power outside lights on the property all evening  - it's entirely up to you.

Long has the solar industry yearned for better solar power storage connected to a smart solar system, and it would appear that the wait will soon be over for kiwis too, one way or another (cough, Tesla). We'll just have to hurry up and wait, in the meantime and in-between time. 

Click here to read the full press release from Nissan.

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