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Microinverters - the latest solar power innovation

By Kristy Hoare on in New Solar Technology

Microinverters - the latest solar power innovation

One of the latest solar technology buzzwords is microinverters, which have already made a big impact in the solar power market.

Typically a solar power system has a central inverter that connects to multiple solar panels.  A microinverter is installed under each solar panel.  The microinverter converts the DC power generated from the solar panels into grid compliant AC electricity.

Microinverters are designed as a plug in and play unit, any electrician or experience handyman that has experience installing AC into a home will be able to wire up a solar power system using microinverters

Installing panels with micro inverters eliminates solar module mismatches, string size miscalculations and power loss due to long distance wiring.

As well as micro-inverters allowing lower install cost and easier installs, they can improve the annual performance of a system.  For example, when one panel gets shaded, it doesn't affect the rest of the system, which would happen with central inverter.

Microinverters can produce 5-25% more power compared to systems with central inverters.

The new type of inverters tend to make a system more expensive than using centralized inverter, but for smaller system sizes with a handful of panels it may be slightly cheaper. 

Some New Zealand solar power companies are already using the technology so don't be shy in asking your about microinverters when getting a quote request from My Solar Quotes.

View Enphase's video below to see how the microinverter technology works.

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