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Solar Smartflower: Will it take off?

By Kristy Hoare on in New Solar Technology

Solar Smartflower: Will it take off?

Tulips. Daffodils. Roses. Daises: All flowers you can find in gardens around the world, but if any of you are looking for a unique breed of flower this season to impress your neighbors, then look no further than the solar Smartflower, the newest... possibly revolutionary product to the solar industry.

Austrian company, Sunflower, recently unveiled its newest solar energy system, inspired by actual sunflowers, that generates clean solar power and promotes emission-free mobility simultaneously. It has a dual axis tracking system that works to orient the panels directly at the sun at all times, just like sunflowers following the course of the sun throughout the day. This enables the system to harvest 40% more than standard roof mounted solar panels, a jaw-droppingly significant difference.  Depending on your location, the system is said to deliver on an average, approx. 4,000 kWh per year.

When the sun rises, the smartflower unfolds itself automatically.  It folds up into its secure position at night or when high wind speeds are detected.  And when the panels folds up, it self cleans along the way. The solar modular fan opens up to create 18 m2 worth of solar panels.

The smartflower POP-e model can charge your electric car and e-bike with a power supply of up to 22 kW.


The smartflower POP+ has the added feature of batteries (up to 4.6kWh) for on grid or off-grid applications.

smartflower +pop with batteries

The units are ground mounted, portable, and can easily be removed from their stands and moved to a new home if needed. I spent an embarrassingly significant amount of time on YouTube watching videos of these solar flowers and trying to decide what color of the eight offered I'd choose to put in my garden. The systems are fascinating to watch function, plus there are many videos on how they're installed, and how to move them around.  

I'm wondering if Sunflower's Smartflower system represents a new era of solar technology, where the ground mounted, sun-following system is the norm. It certainly seems amazingly efficient and much easier to move than a standard roof mounted unit, but as this device is brand new, we will have to wait and see if the Smartflower can compete with traditional solar panels and on what level.  In the meantime, I'll be making room amongst my garden's flowers for a potential unique newcomer.

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Posted by Kristy on 16th May 2022 12:43:13

Hi Joe, Sorry, no one in New Zealand is bringing them in.

Posted by Joe on 16th May 2022 11:01:02

Hi this available in New zealand yet and if so what is the price range cheers.

Posted by Kristy on 13th Oct 2021 11:20:19

Hi Chevy, Sorry to inform you it is not available in New Zealand yet.

Posted by Chevy on 12th Oct 2021 16:47:31

Is this available in NZ and what does it cost?

Posted by SMARTFLOWER NZ on 27th Nov 2017 08:14:39

hi Kristy, pls contact us anytime on 0800 33 33 22 or email to [email protected], sunny days !

Posted by Jason on 15th May 2017 15:53:08

I too have sent off a request for info for Australia. The agent is based in Hawaii at this stage and to date...no response.

Posted by Kristy on 17th Mar 2017 08:48:41

I've tried to get in touch with distributors but had no reply. It probably means it won't be available in New Zealand for a while.

Posted by Meyou on 9th Mar 2017 03:30:36

Can someone tell me how much the sunflower costs?

Posted by [email protected] on 7th Nov 2015 19:58:33

Is this system available in NZ? Going back to posts regarding installed solar power systems it seems that the electricity distribution authority needs a bomb under its butt to get these line companies and retailers to get their crap sorted out.

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