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Sylvia Park Takes A Solar Step Forward

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power New Zealand

Sylvia Park Takes A Solar Step Forward

You may have heard through popular news networks that Sylvia Park, the sizeable and popular mall located in Auckland, has recently installed solar panels on the roof.

Common sense has prevailed and we can only hope Sylvia Park and its solar initiatives can influence more like-minded businesses and people to take heed on the solar power sensation.

There is nothing but good things to come from this step forward; Sylvia Park can reduce the amount of power being used from the grid that of course means money saved on bills and ultimately they can aim to become more eco friendly and self sufficient. We wait with bated breath for more companies, both large and small, to also take that step forward, to a greener and cleaner future.

The solar panels, more than 1100 of them, take up a space of more than 12 tennis courts, and power a section of the mall (roughly 20%) with solar electricity. And how much money are they saving from this venture?  "It's about $80,000 a year we're expecting to save out of these solar cells," says Jason Happy, the Kiwi Property facilities manager.

That's a considerable amount of savings, even when you are a giant corporate.

The system was recently activated in the New Year and now mall management can reap the rewards of the gutsy move. Sale hungry shoppers must be thankful too with all the sun and hot weather we have been experiencing in recent weeks what better time to have solar powered air conditioning.

Sylvia Park Auckland Ev Charging

The solar panels also power the lighting system and the free service Sylvia park offers, car charging, solar panels that charge up your electric vehicle while you shop? A pretty sweet deal indeed and just another positive attribute to add to the malls growing popularity.

Though the mall and its management should be praised for their efforts in using solar power electricity it should be mentioned that New Zealand is by no means breaking any new ground here. For years our European counterparts have been taking advantage of solar power systems, both in commercial infrastructures such as malls and residential homes.

We have some serious catching up to do in regards to solar in New Zealand, and Sylvia Park is helping to raise awareness among New Zealanders of the potential in solar power electricity. Lets make 2015 the year of Solar steps forward.

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