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Battery Back up for Solar Power Systems

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Technology

Battery Back up for Solar Power Systems

The brains behind the team at Solar City USA have teamed up with revolutionary thinkers and move makers at the electric car company Telsa. A match made in heaven? It could well be.

Together, these two inspiring company's have developed modern day technologies to store solar power energy in batteries from when excess power is coming through your system, thus the energy can be stored for your convenience to be used when you wish, specifically in times when your home solar power system isn't producing any energy. This is a major draw card for those who may have been apposed to the idea of "Going off the grid" due to the fact there might be times of powerless standstill.

The unit itself is rather tight and compact, much the same size as your power meter that is perhaps in your garage or connected to the side of your house. The unit is designed to fit in your garage where it can be safe from rain and outside elements, and is a discreet and clean looking device. Another draw card that battery storage can provide is the money this technology can save you. The energy you might be taking from standard electricity grid can now be gone, and you can plug into your battery and away you go, smooth sailing on a breeze of battery powered solar sustenance. Its ironic that anyone can argue the benefits of solar power when these systems are relatively cheap, costing a measly US$10 a month on a leasing basis and they come with a 10 year guarantee and are literally saving you thousands of dollars!

But, I digress, there are always out of touch counter arguments that seem to make it out into the sphere of solar discussion. And in this case, it's the "But solar battery's aren't new, they've been around for years and they don't work..". True, in part, they have been around for some 30 odd years, but the technology is on a completely different level than back yard solar enthusiasts that paved the speckled history of solar power energy storage. This technology should be embraced and built upon, should we collectively put our heads together and keep forging the unknown road of solar power possibilities, imagine what we could be seeing and using in 10 years time! The possibilities are endless! Clean green solar power energy saving need not be some distant idea, it is here, the technology is proven.



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