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Zero Export Devices For Grid Connect Solar Power Systems

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Technology

Zero Export Devices For Grid Connect Solar Power Systems

When installing a grid connect solar power system you must have the approval of your local lines company.  On several occasions in New Zealand, people wanting to install a grid connect solar power system on their homes have been denied by their local lines company.  This is mainly due to the lines companies being concerned about being unable to manage the additional load on their network.

A solution is to connect a Zero Export Device to your solar power system, which will either stop or limit solar power being exported out to the grid.  

Some devices can communicate with the local grid to understand their load requirements and can adjust the exported solar power to suit.

Your solar installer company will have the best solution available in New Zealand if this issue happens to occur.  Below is a short list of zero export devices available worldwide;

Zero Export Devices

  • The ZED 5
  • PowerBOS
  • Envoy-S Metered
  • SMA Power Control Module
  • SolarEdge Feed-in Limitation & Metering Solution






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Posted by Kristy on 12th Jun 2019 07:46:44

Hi Tony,
No there is no built in storage. If you don't have batteries with a grid connect system and zero export device, any excess power that is not used will be wasted. To reduce the amount of wasted solar power, a power diverter is highly recommended.

Posted by Tony H. on 6th Jun 2019 10:50:24

These devices have some sort of built-in storage of their own, or none at all? Please advise. -With many thanks & regards; Cheers!

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