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Photon Laboratory Solar Panel Yield Measurement Results 2014

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Technology

Photon Laboratory Solar Panel Yield Measurement Results 2014

In a previous blog post we shared the results of the 2013 Solar Panel Yield Measurement results. Below are the 2014 results.

Photon is an industry magazine and conference organizer. Once a year they measure the yield produced in relation to the power of each panel and factor in the radiation at the testing site.

Photon tests solar modules under standard conditions (STC) as well as testing in an outdoor field, testing under real-world conditions for real results. They have 174 different models installed in the test field. They aim to not only be the largest testing facility but also the most accurate.

The performance ratio measurement for each panel describes the relationship between the actual and theoretically possible energy outputs. The closer the value is to 100% the more efficiently it operates. It is the most important variable for evaluating the efficiency of a solar panel, therefore this test is a great way to see if a solar panel will live up to expectations.

Photon's 2014 Yeild Measurement Results

2014 Rank Manufacturer Model Performance Ratio (%)
1 Sopray Energy SR-190 94.9
2 Risen Energy SYP190S-M 94.7
3 Sonalis SL190TU-36M 94.4
4 Sunpower SPR-245NE-WHT-D 93.9
5 Renesola JC245M-24/Bbv 93.7
6 Hanwha Q Cells Q.PRO-G2 235 93.6
7 Huanghe Photovoltaic Technology HH230(30)P 93.6
8 Sunpower SPR-327NE-WHT-D 93.5
9 Risen Energy SYP250M 93.4
10 ET Solar Industry ET-M660250WW 93.2
11 Sunpower SPR-320NE-WHT-D 93.1
12 Jinko Solar JKM275P-72 92.9
13 Seraphim Solar System SRP-220-6PB 92.6
14 Hareon Solar Technology HR-230P-18/Bb 92.4
15 Sopray Energy SR-156P-235 92.4
16 Phono Solar PS190M-24/F


17 CSG PVTech CSG240M2 92.4
18 CSG PVTech CSG250S2 92.3
19 Runda PV RS230P-60 92.3
20 Topsolar Green TSM96-125M-250W 92.3

The rankings of other solar panels that New Zealand installers are using include:

Ranking 34 - Yingli Green Energy Holding - YL240P-29b - 91.6%

Ranking 53 - CNPV Solar Power - CNPV-220P - 91.1%

Ranking 57 - SolarWorld - Sunmodule Plus SW 225 mono - 91.0%

Click here to see the full list.

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