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Solar Marketing 101 - Solar Home Parties

By Kristy Hoare on in Marketing Solar Power

Solar Marketing 101 - Solar Home Parties

Since buying a solar power system is such a large ticket item, the most effective form of marketing is word of mouth, and what better way of encouraging word of mouth is by hosting a solar home party.

What are solar home parties?

A party that gets hosted at a customer's home that has a solar power system installed.  Family and friends get invited to the customers home where they can catch up with friends, have some fun and most importantly talk about solar power.

Why should you promote solar home parties?

It encourages people to talk about solar power, see how a system looks, how it works and hear feedback from the solar power owners.  As you are helping to host the party you might be able to make a quick toast and manage to get a plug.

How does it work?

The solar power company just needs organize the drinks and refreshments, so all the customer needs to do is invite friends, family and neighbors and be willing to host it at their home so people can see their solar power system, preferably in action!  To encourage a customer to do this you could offer a referral fee if anyone from the party ends up buying a system from you.

Solar home parties are happening all over the world because they work!  Word of mouth about solar power is just what the New Zealand solar power industry needs.

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