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Tesla Tiny House Tour

By Kristy Hoare on in New Solar Technology

Tesla Tiny House Tour

As if changing the motoring, battery and transportation industry wasn't enough, the fine folks at Tesla have just unveiled their latest creation, a small, futuristic house on wheels.

Set to tour across sun drenched Australia, it's a Tesla ménage à trois; the Tesla tiny house is towed along by a Tesla Model X, with a six-panel 2kW solar system on the homes roof which is then connected to a Tesla Powerwall battery, a trifecta of future technologies. To top it off, the house is built with Australian timber that is locally sourced, and chemical free.

Tesla Tiny House & Model 3

Using the 2kW, six panel solar system connected to a Powerwall battery, the home can generate 100% of its own power, and store any excess power for a comfortable night indoors. The home is monitored with the Tesla mobile app, so controlling the technology is as easy as sending a text from your phone. The house itself is 20x7x13, but the tour is more of a demonstration to the public on how powering a home, any home, can be achievable through solar power and it's attributes.

Touted by many as a renewable eco system on wheels, the "tour" is gaining a lot of attention across the ditch and it's not hard to understand why. The public, both here and in Australia, have a real appetite for eco alternatives.

Both our governments have been dragging their heels with forward thinking technologies, ours more so than theirs, so given the chance to experience the exciting new Tesla home and its entourage of Tesla products, the Australian public have been eager to get involved.

No word yet if the Tesla Tiny House is making its way across the ditch to New Zealand, but you can bet we'll be requesting they do so. If you happen to be on the east coast of Australia over the next few months be sure to check out the tour schedule and book in a visit, and let us know what you think!

Tesla Tiny House Melbourne

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