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Benefits of Grid Connect Solar Power System in NZ

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power New Zealand

Benefits of Grid Connect Solar Power System in NZ

Reduce or eliminate your energy bill

Depending on which solar power system size you install, you will see your power bill reduced, if not eliminated, straight away.

Power bill with solar power

Protect yourself from the rising cost of power

Installing a grid-connected solar power system means protecting yourself from the rising rates of the retail electricity market. As well as using your own power, you will be exporting power to the grid. Your system will be earning credits that help pay for power that you may need to purchase at times.

Power price increasing NZ

Increase the value of your home

Solar power is a worthwhile investment, even if you were to move a few years after the solar power system is installed.  You can expect a solar power system to last 25 years, so if you choose to move out after 2 years, the next owner can expect the system to last 23. It is an attractive and valuable resource for new homebuyers.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Burning fossil fuels for energy is the world's greatest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.

Photovoltaic solar power systems offer an alternative and clean form of power with no harmful carbon emissions. The energy source of solar power is the sun, which is 100% renewable.

Solar panels have minimal impact on wildlife, whereas some other forms of renewable energy, such as hydroelectricity and damming, can have serious impacts on the biodiversity of the chosen area.

The production of solar panels and their components comes with a small, negative impact on the environment. However, the positive environmental impacts of a solar power system far outweigh this negative impact.

Earn a great return on investment from solar power

Compared to term deposits and selected stock market investments, solar power systems are a great investment.

The price of solar power systems is decreasing, with the price of electricity increasing. Investing in a solar power system can offer you a return on investment of around 10% p.a. Click here to learn more.

solar power investment - upwards graph

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Posted by Kristy on 6th Apr 2018 20:04:57

Hi Brian

In Australia, there are government subsidies. There are no subsidies in New Zealand.

Posted by Brian on 6th Apr 2018 20:01:37

I have recently returned from Western Australia where a friend of mine is about to move into their new home. The cost in W.A of installing a 5.5kw system is $3500! Why is the same system in NZ 5 times dearer than in Australia.

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