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Lions & Tigers & Solar Generated Electricity?

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power New Zealand

Lions & Tigers & Solar Generated Electricity?

Zoos are a wonderland of amusement for kids and mind blowing fun and learning about the many great creatures that walk this earth.  What better place to teach children about the exciting future of electricity?  So when we heard that Hamilton Zoo, Emphase technology and S4Solar had teamed up to work on a solar project we we're pretty excited.

Rather than build a large solar power system that was hidden from the view of visitors to the zoo, Emphase, along with the help of the friendly team at S4Solar installers, thought it was the perfect opportunity to build a small yet accessible 1kw solar power unit that could be examined hand's on and close up by children and adults alike.

Hamilton Zoo Solar Panel and Info Board

Hamilton Zoo's white rhino are now being kept warm and dry thanks to their special rubber-covered pads in their enclosure, that are now power by solar power.

If you think about it, it really is a neat idea.  Zoos are where we experience new and exciting things face to face and up close, a fantastic way to educate and learn. So by having a solar power system that is within arms reach of children Emphase, S4Solar and Hamilton Zoo have created a first class experience of learning how a solar power system works.

Solar Panels Being Installed at Hamilton Zoo

We think that educating our young ones on the importance on solar power really is important. If we wish to live in a cleaner and more sustainable world then it all starts with the future generations.

Nearly all kiwis have been to a zoo at a young age, and we can all remember how exciting and memorable those experiences were.

I tip my hat to the folks at Hamilton Zoo for having the fortitude to build such a unit that works as not only a power supply and a look into the future of energy supply systems, but in a place where the foot traffic is mostly young ones with a thirst for knowledge.

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