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Solar Powered Electric Car in NZ

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power Trends

Solar Powered Electric Car in NZ

Want to reduce your road fuel costs by 95%?

It's easy to see why Peter Sewell is such a cheerful chap.  He is running his 1995 Toyota Celica on electricity, which the electricity is mostly from his solar panels on his roof .  He says he can get 100KM in the electric car for one dollar and the cost of the car was $30,000 (plus 3 weeks of his labor).

Here's a short news clip about how he has come to be so ahead of the times.


If you want to be able to run an electric car from solar panels you won't have to spend 3 weeks putting it all together.   Electric cars are now available to purchase in New Zealand (like Holden's Volt and Nissan's Lead) and solar power systems are now more affordable than ever that you can purchase from installers that will make the process very easy for you.

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