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Top 5 Fashion Designs Incorporating Solar Panels

By Kristy Hoare on in Solar Power Trends

Top 5 Fashion Designs Incorporating Solar Panels

I had an interesting selection of solar "fashions" to choose from for this article; from solar powered neck ties, bikinis, sportswear and baseball caps. To be honest solar powered clothes are still a long way from being incorporating into my wardrobe, but it is interesting to see what designers have been coming up with. Below are my top 5 picks.

elena corchero solar panel fashion

Elena Corchero trumps all solar powered fashion designers, as she beautifully incorporates working solar panels into garments and accessories that generate power during the day for ambient LED's on each item to light up at night.

Solar Powered Necklace

This necklace made by design student Mae Yokoyama does an amazing job at making solar panels look beautiful in their regular form. The necklace is stringed together with miniature solar panels and LED bulbs.

solar power handbag

This handbag sports 100 solar cells which are capable of powering a mobile phone. What's more impressive is the solar cells power fiber optics inside the handbag, which would be so hopeful finding things!

solar flapper dress

This flapper inspired dress by Despina Papadopoulos powers up during the day and is ready to light up the dance floor at night.

solar power fashion

Lapidus, a haute couture fashion designer incorporated mono-crystalline solar panels into this parka which charges micro-lithium batteries.

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